May 30, 2012
who the fuck is and why the fuck are you claiming copyright over my files you fuckers

Sendspace told me filed a DMCA notice against my podfic. This tells me nothing except that leakid are clearly trolls.

I replied with:

Can you provide more information? I should have the right to contest this. As far as I am aware, my file is 100% NOT A COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. I am very upset. Who is leakid and how do they have anything to do with an audio file 100% recorded, edited, and produced by me?? Have you listened to this file? It is an mp3 of MY OWN VOICE SPEAKING.

I need to step away from the computer right now, because I feel too

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  1. cesperanza said: Send a copy of this story over to OTW legal, will you? Even just for the record!
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