May 31, 2012
mediafire slower than I remember

Well, apparently Sendspace deletes files upon receipt of DMCA notices, and they didn’t say they had an undelete option, so filing a counterclaim may be pointless. Also it sounds like customer service doesn’t have access to any useful information, like say, the actual DMCA notice. They suggested the material I was reading could be the source of the problem. I emailed them back:

I was reading a story called “What Not To Expect When You’re Not Expecting It” by thehoyden. I emailed thehoyden in advance and obtained permission to make and distribute the recording. Trust me, she is not the origin of this claim. Did leakid not specify what they were claiming copyright over? Why would you take their claim seriously if they didn’t say what it was a violation of?

DMCA notice means I should be able to file a counterclaim, but I need more information before I can do that.

Do I have some sort of black mark on my account now because of this bogus claim?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to upload the file to mediafire, but mediafire is just sitting there, claiming my file is “queued” while doing zip.